Monday, July 24, 2017

What are the most common causes for brain injuries?

A brain injury can be something small that impacts basic motor functions of the body or something significant that changes the entire aspect of daily living, preventing the victim from being able to talk, walk or eat normally again. There are a few common causes for brain injuries. If you have a family member who has suffered from an injury, you can contact a Corpus Christi brain injury lawyer to discuss filing a claim to receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.
Birth defects are a common cause of brain injuries. During the delivery process, the brain could be denied of oxygen. At times, this isn’t seen by the doctor until the baby is born. However, if the doctor sees that the baby isn’t receiving oxygen with a brain injury being a possible outcome and does nothing to change the outcome, then a Corpus Christi brain injury lawyer could file a claim against the doctor and other medical staff involved.
Another common cause of brain injuries, according to the Mayo Clinic, vehicle-related collisions. The collision could involve a car, truck, bus or motorcycle. Pedestrians can also be involved in vehicle-related accidents that result in a brain injury. Physical violence is another cause where the victim can seek assistance from an attorney. Brain injuries can also be caused by falls, sports injuries or explosive blasts while on the job or in military combat.
Don’t sit back to watch your loved one suffer from the impacts of a brain injury. Seek the assistance of the J. Reyna Law Firm to get the compensation you deserve.
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Monday, July 17, 2017

Do I really need a catastrophic injury lawyer to handle my case?

We get this question at our offices on a daily basis, “Do I really need a catastrophic injury lawyer to handle my case?” The short answer is “Yes, you really do.” The longer answer is a bit more complex.


The number one reason why you need a catastrophic injury lawyer to handle your case is because your catastrophic injury is devastating and will be for years to come. You do not want someone who is inexperienced with this type of law because you only get “one shot” to get justice and to receive an appropriate settlement. If you choose to work with a lawyer who is not well versed in catastrophic law, you may walk away with a pittance compared to what you deserve, but you will not get a second chance. You will have to live with your injuries for the rest of your life (or for a significant period of time) and will have no other recourse for additional monetary compensation.


A catastrophic injury lawyer understands the level of care needed in these types of cases and scenarios. They also understand how to look at every possible need in the short-term and long-term as well as factoring in possible future complications that may require treatment. When choosing to go with a lawyer who is not well versed in this type of significant injury, the level of compensation is often far below the necessary care for the injured person’s lifetime. It is important to remember that you need to be compensated not just for your short-term injury needs, but also for your long-term care.


Catastrophic injuries are injuries or illnesses that have severe implications and in most cases, long-lasting, implications for the injured individual. This means that there is significant damage to the person’s life including their quality of life. Most often these types of catastrophic injuries show up via head injuries and brain stem injuries, body amputations or body paralysis, brain defects such as memory problems, and spinal cord injuries. Contact the experts of Reyna Injury Lawyers to get in touch with a an Austin personal injury lawyer today!
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Monday, July 10, 2017

A well-informed Corpus Christi personal injury lawyer needs to understand the principles of personal injury law if they’re going to represent you effectively. Knowing what to expect during your case can help you be sure you’ve found the best representation possible.
When you’re seeking a judgment in a personal injury case, the first thing you and your attorney will need to do is prove liability on the part of the defendant. The court will expect negligence or other willful involvement in order for your case to continue.
Once liability has been established, damages will need to be proven. Your lawyer will present the case for whatever compensation you may be owed, whether it’s to cover your hospital bills, replace wages you lost while you were unable to work, or reimburse you for your suffering.
Your Corpus Christi personal injury lawyer will need to exercise deep knowledge of the field, strong ethics, a willingness to track down every bit of evidence, and an eye for detail in order to effectively represent you. Using the fundamental principle of res ipsa loquitur (or “the thing speaks for itself”) and the collected evidence, they will be able to demonstrate that you were wronged and help you to reach a satisfactory settlement with the plaintiff.
Are you looking for a Corpus Christi personal injury lawyer who will fight for you? Reach out to the attorneys at J. Reyna Law Firm. Call their Corpus Christi, TX office at (361) 993-8100 to find justice and get your life back on track.
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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

How to prevent a car accident?

Some good ways to prepare include planning your route, and that means you aren’t looking at your maps app while you’re backing out of your driveway. While you’re still inside the house, or before you engage the vehicle, take time to plan your route and see if there’s any construction or accidents on the way.
When you’re out to dinner or at happy hour, you make have a couple of drinks. This greatly increases the likelihood of having an accident, and also increases the penalties if you get into an accident. Make sure you have a safe plan to get home before you drink more than one drink.
While you’re in the car, it’s easy to become distracted by what’s on the radio, by passengers, or something on the side of the road. It’s fine to interact with things. It’s normal, but make sure your main attention is kept on the road. This will prevent many accidents. In urban areas, many accidents involve fender benders on crowded roads, and these are often caused by someone looking down at something in their car (likely their cell phone).
Unfortunately, no matter how much we do to prepare, we can’t keep other people from making mistakes. This means that car accidents are sometimes unavoidable, and you may need a Corpus Christi Car Accident Lawyer. Also, we are all capable of making mistakes, so you may need a Corpus Christi car Accident Lawyer for an accident you caused. No matter why you need a car accident attorney, Reyna Injury Lawyers is here for you.
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